Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Jack Failed Attempt No. 1

Gotta keep count! there will be more to follow. I started this out just to kinda paint something/warm up before I did other work and hoped I could have it double as my homework for Jack and the Beanstalk concept art. but alas.... I made this first one, and then when things started to go south I jumped ship and zombie'd him up good. also it was a keen opportunity to use my recently acquired chain brush, which sort of makes him look like Jacob Marley, but i'm pretty sure most paintings could do with a little more Jacob Marley.



James Bourne said...

Personally, I prefer the zombie version. Looks great!

Aaron Ludwig said...

"Zombie and the Beanstalk" would be a perfect take on a stale story.
I need to get me some chain brush.

Josh H. Black said...

nailed it!! can't wait to see the zombified giant!