Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Escape!

Every once in a while the good folks at Polycount will host an art challenge - "The Escape" is the most recent.  Some friends and I decided to hop in about six weeks late with a month left to go.  I was happy we were able to finish and even more so that I was able to be a part of such an awesome team:  Kelvin Tan, Tamara Bakhlycheva, Jessica Dinh, and Adam Kugler. These people scare me with their goodness. Here's our official entry and link to the progress thread:

Iffin you haven't voted, you can do so by voting for your top 3 entries here: .  Choose wisely, there's a lot of awesome entries

Due to time, there's still things I need to tweak before I can call this officially finished, but for now here it is! - decided to try a couple shots out of 3d coat with no lighting and diffuse only.


Stephan "Spug" Williams said...

Very good stuff Ryan, love the art dude!!!!

Unknown said...

Awesome art. Keep posting.

Henrique Saucedo said...

You're a hell of an artist.