Friday, October 18, 2013

Grenade Cookin'

Wanted to do something Halloweenie. Title courtesy Zachary Heckert. 


Zach H said...
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Zach H said...

An honor, sir! My issue is just that it's so unrealistic... I mean, he's supposed to be a soldier but he appears to be unarmed? And a skeleton without any muscles or skin? And we all know that skulls don't have LED's in them that glow orange! Did you get your information from Wikipedia!?


Turtle ZED said...

When I think about all of the skeletons I've seen slugging it out on the battlefield, this dude is the closest to the real thing I've see. Yes, it's true- sometimes they have green glowing eyes and otherwise red(especially when very upset) but they do come in orange more often than you think. As for being armed...he has a grenade...with the pin out. That makes him extremely deadly right now. Oh and muscles? Who needs them when you're a skeleton reanimated by dark magical powers (they're the worst- a lot tougher than zombies - trust me!)
Hope this clears things up a little for you.
All hail the Great Space Monkey. Boing quack thud!